How to Celebrate Your 25th Anniversary in Style

Without any trace of doubt, love is one of the most marvelous feelings the human being is capable of experiencing. Believe it or not, fairy tales do exist – and while they may not involve pumpkins transformed in carriages, they do involve lots and lots of love.


  • If you plan on celebrating your 25th anniversary, you probably know this better than anyone. How to do it in style? How to make the most of this splendid celebration in your life? We have gathered some of the most important tips – so read on if you want to inspire yourself.
  • Pamper yourselves with a luxurious cake. You deserve it! Even if you don’t plan on having a big party for your anniversary, this cake will add a lot to the day itself and it will definitely make it feel really special. And if you want to make it look truly gorgeous, don’t forget to choose a special anniversary cake pick to beautify your delicious dessert too!
  • Spoil yourselves and your guests with a fine glass of wine and some tasty dishes. Make this really special and don’t be afraid to splurge a bit. To add even more uniqueness to the moment, invest in beautiful monogramed wine glasses.
  • Write a letter to each other. Write it from the heart and tell your spouse how much he/she means in your life. Joke and reminiscence the most beautiful moments of the 25 years you have spent together as a married couple. Rejoice and read the letters out loud at your anniversary. It will surely bring tears of joy in everyone’s eyes!

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5 Creative wedding signs to express your style

There’s truly a myriad of details that make for a beautiful wedding. Paying attention to all the details of the wedding décor is really important if you want to make sure everything is absolutely flawless and unforgettable.


How to choose your wedding signs, though? How to make sure they are suitable both for your style and for your wedding theme? Here are 5 creative wedding sign ideas that will truly express who you are as a couple:

  • Here Comes the Bride. Have your Flower Girl and/or Ring Bearer carry a sign with “Here Comes the Bride”. This is a truly adorable idea and all of your guests will absolutely love it!
  • Friends of the Bride, Friends of the Groom.Invite your closest friends to sit together and celebrate the fact that you have tied the knot. This sign is perfect for just about any kind of wedding, regardless of how many bridesmaids and groomsmen there are. Just place it at their special table and they will definitely feel unique and appreciated.
  • Just Married. This is the kind of sign to hang on your car as you take off from the wedding. Even if you plan on leaving the wedding by any other means of transportation, this sign will still be a great choice.
  • Love is Sweet, Take a Treat. Want to make sure your guests indulge in your candy bar? Get a sign that invites them to grab a bite and they will not be able to refuse you!
  • Personalized Sign with Names. Personalize your own sign with your names and hang it above your table or in any other spot at your wedding. It will look cute and romantic – and it will make for great photos too.

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How to pick the perfect wedding cake topper

Your wedding cake is one of the most important pieces at your wedding – so you will naturally want it to be truly beautiful and exquisite. Of course, choosing a nice flavor and design are both essential parts of making sure your cake amazes your guests – but it is the cake topper that gives its style and grace.


How to pick the perfect wedding cake topper, though? Here are some tips you might want to consider.

  • Wedding style. Before you jump into making any kind of decision, make sure your cake topper is truly suitable for your wedding style. Think of how elegant or informal you want your Big Day to be, think of all the other décor elements and think of all the unique details you have chosen for this day. They should all come together in a harmonious way – and the wedding cake topper should graciously complement all of them.
  • Type of cake topper. Depending on what you want your wedding to be all about, there are multiple options when it comes to cake toppers. From funny (and even naughty) toppers to cake toppers that are exquisite and elegant, there’s something for just about any type of bride and groom – so you will definitely find a particular category of cake toppers that appeals to you, your style and who you are as a couple.
  • What do you want your cake topper to say? What is the message behind it? Do you want it to send a cute message about the love you bear for each other? Or would you much rather go for a cake topper featuring your monogram as a married couple? The choice is yours – but make sure it really says something about the two of you and about your relationship.

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Crowd-Pleasing Wedding Favors For All Ages

Offering wedding favors is a wedding tradition most couples choose to stick to. After all, this is a small gesture to show your guests how much it means to you that they are there for the Big Day – so why wouldn’t you do it, then?


Picking the right wedding favor to truly please your guests can be a tough task – especially if you have a lot of options to choose from. Following, we have gathered some of the most popular wedding favors out there – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Bottle openers. Of course, your guests may all have bottle openers at home. But if you choose a truly beautiful design, they will be more than happy with your wedding favour. For instance, you could offer bottle openers shaped as gorgeously designed keys.
  • Personalized wine bottles. If you want to offer your guests a great wine, make sure the bottle is personalized according to the event itself. This works really great for bridesmaids’ gift ideas as well.
  • Cup holders. This is a truly great idea if you want to have a winter wedding, but it can work just as well with a fall or spring wedding as well. Also, this is the kind of wedding favor that’s really great if you want to keep it “kid-friendly” too. Make sure to choose a truly pretty design (for example, something with a wedding-related pun on it).
  • Wine stoppers. Same as with the bottle openers, wine stoppers can be really appreciated by guests, especially when they have a very attractive design. This is a great wedding favour idea if you want to be classy and unique at the same time.

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